Ludum Dare 28

Finally after a year I have time for Ludum Dare again. I used Unity and kind of ignored the theme. All through theme voting I was thinking about what I could make for the various themes and on the day before the start I had an idea that I liked. I went with that idea, it sort of fits with the theme of “You only get one.” As you only get one life but their aren’t any fail conditions. The competition is over, voting has begun and I like what I made. It is not as polished as I wanted it to be but I like it. I want to revisit this again when I have time to.
Ludum Dare Page

Fuck this Jam

This last week was Fuck this Jam. A jam where you make a game in the genre you hate. So I made a jRPG and while it lacks any kind of polish, it works. You can play through a small story with scripted events and some turn based combat. All in all I am very happy with this one and will hopefully will be revisiting it later. Written in C# with Flat Red Ball and XNA so you need to be running Windows and have .NET and XNA installed
Jam Page

Imaginary Update 10

Alright this marks the first Alpha, all major features implemented. Now it just needs a lot of polish


Added sound effects.
Added Scoring for regular levels.
Enemies now pop when hit instead of just disappearing  and you receive a time bonus.
Implimented Collectibles, although their is only one right now.
Removed running. So now you always more at run speed with out holding down a button.
And a lot of little fixes.


Imaginary uses the Flat Red Ball game engine