Imaginary (2012)

Imaginary is a platformer where you run, jump, and hide from enemies.
Then wait for your chance to strike back.

Available on Xbox Live indie Games for 80 Microsoft Points
Available for PC through Gumroad for $1

20  Levels
10 Challenge level
Use a Xbox 360 controller to play or  a regular keyboard and mouse.

PC Controls
A or left arrow moves Left
D or right arrow moves Right
Space to jump
S to ‘hide’, hiding prevents enemies from hitting you
W or Left mouse button to create an activation,  activations are used to trigger some objects to do stuff, open doors, shoot cannons, etc.

Or you can use and Xbox 360 controller
Left joystick to move
A to jump
B to hide
Y to create an activation


Imaginary uses the Flat Red Ball game engine