Flesh Face V – Face Lift

We’ve made it to 11 for #1Gam challenge with Flesh Face V – Face Lift.

This version sports all new sound effects that don’t make your ears bleed and an infinite game play mode with randomly generated levels.

Download the new version here

Introducing – Rocket Cat!

We’ve made it to #1Gam number 10

Rocket Cat

Rocket cat is a quick hit arcade style game designed to keep you playing for minutes.
Eat as much cat food as you possibly can while while avoiding those reality distorting squares.
Will you beat your own high score or will you not even crack the top ten?

Download it for PC (free) here.

1 Game 1 Month February Update 1

Last week was mostly back end work. Setting the shared library for this and future projects and getting “cut scenes” in.

This week is getting gameplay started

Last weeks tasks

  • Created the Daedalus library to share game code across projects
  • Added the ability to show basic cut scenes to Daedalus
  • Created a gif animation tool for posting to Instagram

Flesh Face V is ready!

Flesh Face V is ready to download! Our first one game one month is done!

A simple tile match game that I am proud out.

Not everything we wanted made it in, the ability to go full screen, ability to turn off the timer, and it could really use a balancing pass.

But for one month a ton of faces were made and there is a lot stuff we can reuse for our February game.

On ward to February and hopefully back to Flesh Face V later this year.