Game Jams

Ludum Dare 31: Entire Game on One Screen

The theme this time was “Entire Game on One Screen.” So I tried to create a game that fit on one screen but still had multiple screens to. Behold a FPS Maze game with a map! This one was done in less than 48 hours as I now enjoy the married life, but it is still a good entry.
Built with Unity & C#.

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Ludum Dare 28: You only have one

I kind of ignored the theme. All through theme voting I was thinking about what I could make for the various themes and on the day before the start I had an idea that I liked. I went with that idea, it sort of fits with the theme of “You only get one.” As you only get one life but their aren’t any fail conditions. The competition is over, voting has begun and I like what I made. It is not as polished as I wanted it to be but I like it. I want to revisit this again when I have time to.
Built with Unity & C#.

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Ludum Dare 25: You are the villain

The theme this time was you are the villain. I ended up creating a kind of reverse runner game where you spawn ahead of a runner and try to get him to run into you. The game is interesting for 1-2 minutes then it gets very repetitive very fast.
Built with flashpunk.

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Fuck this Jam: Milk the Revengening

For this jam you create game in a genre that you hate
So I made jRPG
Built with Flat Red Ball and XNA
So you need to be running Windows and have .NET and XNA installed

The game is far from polished but you can move around properly, there is turn based combat and some scripted sequences. I’m actually proud of all the event classes, it’s push instead of pull, and well, works.

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Ludum Dare 24: Evolve and Defend

Arrows to move.
WASD to attack.
Clock on a building to view available upgrades.
If the HP on a building drops to 0 and you have an upgrade, you will lose an upgrade. If you don’t have an upgrade you die.

Last Ludum Dare quite a few people weren’t able to play my game because it was XNA and they didn’t have the library installed or they weren’t running Windows. So this time I worked in actionscript 3/flashpunk for the first time. I did make a playable game, but it really needs some balancing and a graphics update.

Ludum Dare Page

Ludum Dare 23: Space Jumper

Left & Right arrow to move
Space jumps
You can double jump.

Jump from planet to planet to reach the top.

My first Ludum Dare. I hoped to do more, but I’m happy with what I did, and their is always next time.

Built with XNA & Flat Red Ball
Sound Effects created with sfxr
Music created with Circuli

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Download (Windows)