Imaginary Update 1

This is the first release of Imaginary in what will hopefully be weekly to bi-weekly. This being the first one their are only two levels and it probably buggy but enjoy all the same.

Oh right controls. This is being developed with the Xbox 360 in mind so the controls for the PC might not be the best, but I’ll fix that later.

PC controls
directional arrows move that character
A to jump
S to ‘hide’, hiding prevents enemies from hitting you
W to create an activation,  activations are used to trigger some objects to do stuff, open doors, shoot cannons, etc.
Hold F to run while moving.

if you have an Xbox 360 Controller I recommend that
Left joystick to move
A to jump
B to hide
Y to create an activation
Hold RB to run

Imaginary uses the Flat Red Ball game engine