NeoMecha v0.7.0 FXs and readability devlog

Movement FX

To make the game feel more physical I revised the move “smoke trial” effect and added sound effects for moving and for the range attack. It is amazing how much of a difference sound effects make.

Gameboard Improvements

Obstacles can get in the way of seeing move options. To help with this I made the them go partially transparent when you mouse over a tile that they block or when a Mech is standing on a tile they block.

Dodge Changes

While playing the hardest part of setting up a reactions is that if want to dodge up as a second reaction, but from your current position up is blocked, you can’t do it. I updated the dodge reaction to highlight tiles in your dodge range even if they are currently blocked. This lets you setup multiple dodges regardless of where you are. I also fixed a dodge bug where you dodge around a blocker the long way.

Block Reaction

In an attempt to make the game simpler to learn I added a block reaction that reduces the amount of damage you take. This is a pretty safe choice for a reaction and I plan to use it for a new AI which will be much simpler than the existing AI.

Slow Bro AI

The feedback I got from people who have played the game so far, is that it is too hard. That makes a lot of sense became right now I’m just throwing all the mechanics at the player right off the bat. To address this I create the “Slow Bro AI” It is an AI with reduced movement range, that will always move toward to you do a melee attack then follow up with a range attack. It will then always pick a range reaction.

Displaying affected tiles

To give the player a better sense of how an attack is resolved. I added a new tile highlight that highlight what tiles are being hit by your attack and what tiles are hit by your opponents reaction.

Range Reaction

I’ve been wanting to get a range attack reaction option in since the beginning and now it is finally in. At the moment it is really OP but once the smoke is working it will act counter it.

Claim Click

Fixed a bug where clicking on the dashboard could select a tile underneath.

Two phase turn

To try and make the game more understandable I broke the player’s turn into two phases. One where you perform your actions and then a second phase where you set your reactions.

Destructible Set Pieces

To try and capture a piece of the Gundam feeling I updated the Set Pieces to be destructible. That combined with all secondary tiles hit by melee attacks results in a fair bit of collateral damage.