Web Quote Email

   This is a demo I created for a freelance project that I didn't win. It is a dynamiclly expanding form that uses list boxes that are populated from a database. You use the list boxes to select a model, options, and quanity. once your done selecting what you want you can view the summary and input your email address to recive a quote for the order via email.

Try the demo

PHP: is used to retrive list box options from the MySQL database.

MySQL: stores the options for the list boxes that are retrived through PHP

HTML/CSS: the page layout is static with an outer div, a div for the form, and a div for the summary/submit button. Each section of additional form that is added is

Javascript: is used to dynamiclly add additional forms to the page and to change the text of the summary at the bottom of the page

jQuery: is used to esily access the DOM as well as to get populate list boxes by requesting them from a PHP page.