Top Twitter List - Wordpress Plugin

   Was created as a demo for a freelance project that I didn't win. It is a wordpress plugin that can be inserted into either a sites navigation bar or into a page if an extention such as exec-php, that allows the execution of php code in a post, is installed. Top Twitter List reads in a list of users from an xml document of Twitter user names and prints out a the list sorted my the number of followers each user has. It uses wordpress options to store the sorted list and uses wordpress' task scheduler to update the user list and the number of followers. Options are included so you can print the entirelist or just the top few, and to print or not to print a heading.

I do plan to release the plugin in the futre after some more optimizatoin and documation but right now that is on hold so I can work on other projects.

PHP: Is the primary language Top Twitter List is written in. PHP is used to retrive user pages, store and retrive data, and sort the list. The PHP libary Simple HTML DOM is used to access retrived pages and to access the user list.

HTML: Table tags are outputed by the PHP display and organize the list, but they relay on the wordpress theme's style sheets for most formatting